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Today I woke up with a temperature of 102 degrees and have been confined to my bed all day.

For those of you that know me, this is no easy task. I’m a naturally active, borderline ADD individual with little patience for doing nothing all day.

Fortunately, today was also the day I discovered

This website looks amazing Emily, thanks for sharing! I used to love coding in my young teenage years, but I haven’t coded since then, so I definitely need to brush up!
Black Milk Clothing Grows Sales Through Social Media

Black Milk Clothing uses social media to entice customers to purchase their clothing in a clever way. The feature is simple. It allows customers to share and tag photos of themselves wearing a particular item at point of purchase.

When I browse online lookbooks, I often hesitate on whether I should buy an outfit or not. I question what I see. How will I know this shirt or dress will look good? How will I know if it’s flattering in real life? I’m judging an item based on the way a model looks in it, and that’s certainly not enough.

Black Milk Clothing takes out the guess work. By sharing and tagging Instagram and Facebook photos on the website, it allows shoppers to see how other customers are wearing the product. I love this idea! This takes commenting and reviews even further.

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Inforgraphic: The 36 rules of social media - from Edudemic. 
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What your Instagram filter says about you - bits of wisdom from Urbanpeek
Seelio - Connecting College Students With Employers


Seelio is the newest tool for college graduates to find employment. Any student with a .edu email address can sign up and set up a portfolio of their work. Instead of a boring resume you set yourself apart by uploading pictures, presentations, videos, and other work you completed in college. Employers and recruiters are able to directly contact candidates which are also able to network with each other. Register today and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.


My dream website actually exists? Although I’m not a graphic design student or a photography student, I still want to showcase my marketing projects to the world. Thus I created my own portfolio through Wix - knowing that there isn’t any website applications that cater to students in general that want to showcase their talents. From the description it seems Seelio may be the perfect fit.

Will it meet my expectations!? Let’s find out!

Review 02: Blookist - A New Blogging Platform


Blookist is a new blogging platform. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Browsing through new start-ups and figured it’s time for another blog post!

Their website design is definitely unique, scrolling down and learning about the company in a simple and seamless manner. Their design definitely makes me want to join and find out more.

Sign up is very easy and short. A Twitter option to sign up would be useful though.

Upon my first look, my thoughts were “ this a copy of Pinterest?”Although the landing page is clean, it’s not very descriptive. I’m not entirely sure what Blookist is! When you sign up there’s no explanation page or a “how to” page either - so that’s not good…

Still looking through and I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to use Blookist! I don’t see any content, besides the images on the first page. I’ve also stumbled on a few glitches along the way, trying to find my way around the site. Is it a place to post content? Is it a place to share photos? What makes it different from Pinterest or Facebook? Who really knows!

Verdict: I love the design of the website, but I just don’t get what Blookist really is - definitely no bueno!

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Why Asking For Shares & RTs Is An Utter Waste Of Time


The article “Why Asking for Shares & RTs Is an Utter Waste of Time” by Simply Zesty describes something that many companies do, that I definitely agree is not only a waste of time - but very annoying.

Adding a “Please RT or Please Like” in your tweet or facebook status will not encourage followers to do so. What makes them actually RT? When the content is engaging and/or appealing.

This article opened my eyes, and made me realize what mistakes I’ve been making. I have included a statement where I encourage followers to RT or like - simply because I want interaction. But we can’t force interaction - it has to comes naturally. In addition, asking for shares and RTs doesn’t instill trust. For the reader, it shows the company is only interested in gaining more followers, in order to get more sales.

Social Media Tip of the Day: Write engaging content because that’s how you will get more followers, shares and RTs.

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