Most Annoying Social Media Habits

So after re-blogging one of the social media habits I am very guilty of through .gif form (ex: “like if…”) - I thought, are there any more annoying habits that I’ve been guilty of!?

Here are the 10 most annoying Social Media Habits that we social media gurus need to stop doing:

- Asking for Shares or Retweets - Guilty
- Out of shape or distorted images -
- Overcompensating for inactivity - Guilty
- Ignoring Request
- Like and Share Competitions - Yup this is annoying.
- Hash-tag Overload - Guilty - should be two at most!
- Too many widgets
- Syncing Cross Posts - I agree, this can be very annoying!
- Links within Posts - Guilty
- Creating Auto-DM


You can read the details of the article here