Why Asking For Shares & RTs Is An Utter Waste Of Time

source: http://www.simplyzesty.com/social-media/why-asking-for-shares-retweets-is-an-utter-waste-of-time/

The article “Why Asking for Shares & RTs Is an Utter Waste of Time” by Simply Zesty describes something that many companies do, that I definitely agree is not only a waste of time - but very annoying.

Adding a “Please RT or Please Like” in your tweet or facebook status will not encourage followers to do so. What makes them actually RT? When the content is engaging and/or appealing.

This article opened my eyes, and made me realize what mistakes I’ve been making. I have included a statement where I encourage followers to RT or like - simply because I want interaction. But we can’t force interaction - it has to comes naturally. In addition, asking for shares and RTs doesn’t instill trust. For the reader, it shows the company is only interested in gaining more followers, in order to get more sales.

Social Media Tip of the Day: Write engaging content because that’s how you will get more followers, shares and RTs.